Purveyors of Premium Produce

Vic and Caity are the veg-loving duo behind The Flying Zucchinis. Both raised in regional Victoria, these women have been deeply immersed in farming culture from a young age. So deeply immersed in fact, that the sight and smell of giant crates of onions gives Caity visceral flashbacks to roasting hot summers spent harvesting tonnes of onions by hand at her family farm near Echuca.

When COVID-19 graced us with its presence in 2020, powerhouse Vic and her brother Harry teamed up to launch this premium produce delivery service to the wider Melbourne region. Caity was recruited to fill the big shoes Harry left upon his move to New Zealand, thereby creating your favourite female-led produce delivery service in Melbourne.

Jumping from strength to strength since its inception, The Flying Zucchinis have now delivered thousands of fresh produce boxes to the doorsteps of our wonderful community. We curate the freshest seasonal fruit and vegetables from premium suppliers for our produce boxes, which our team deliver to you within hours of leaving the market.

The Flying Zucchinis will turn your weekly grocery shop into an unbeatable culinary experience.

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