Built on the back of 43 years experience in the Fruit and Veg industry, The Froot Shop is well known in Ivanhoe as a provider of premium quality fresh produce as well as fresh cut flowers, dairy and pantry items.

Store owner Vince sources produce from the market 6 mornings per week, meaning that everything on the shelf is as fresh as possible. Early morning market runs and store management are shared between Vince and his two sons, whilst Vince's wife can also frequently be seen lending a hand in-store! The Froot Shop prioritizes quality produce over anything else, which is obvious when looking at the display in-store.

The Froot Shop has an extensive range of produce as well as convenience items such as a stir-fry vegetable bar, and pre-packed fruit salad. Head into the Froot Shop in Ivanhoe today to say hi to Vince and make A Better Choice!

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