The Retailer - The New Benara Fresh Food Market

There's no denying that Benara Fresh is bursting with freshness, variety and value for money. For over 40 years in the industry, owner Nick and his family are passionate about providing the best quality and service at a great price.

Whether you're a wholesale and retail customers, the team welcomes you. Nick Geracitano can’t live without being around fruit and vegetables. Together with his son Warren and daughter Naomi, Nick opened The New Benara Fresh Food Market on January 2014.

Nick Geracitano has been in the industry for more than 42 years. During this time he has run and owned a number of stores. When he was 16 he started to work for a fruit and vegetable shop and since then lives and breathes fruits and vegetables.

Says Nick “Fruit and vegetables are giving me great fulfilment of life. Three years ago I tried to retire however I decided to come back and pass my knowledge of running a fruit and vegetables store to my kids.”

The New Benara Fresh Food Market is open 6 days a week from 8am to 6pm with fantastic range of the freshest fruits and vegetables.

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