About The Organic Place "We are a Melbourne based, family run business which delivers fresh organic fruit, vegetables and groceries straight to your door. The idea for the business came about after we discovered our youngest of three children has severe food allergies. As a nurse, I already understood the relationship between food and health but I began to question our food system and what was really happening to our food before it got to our plates. We made the decision as a family, where possible, we would choose to eat organic. But we soon discovered that sourcing affordable organic fruit and vegetable in the area we lived (Melbourne’s West) was near impossible. And that’s when The Organic Place was born! We love food, we love growing food, cooking food, we love eating healthy and we love supporting Australian farmers! It is our vision to ensure healthy food is accessible, affordable and convenient for all. You can watch the video below to learn a bit more about us."  

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