Tugun Fruit & Flowers became part of the Tugun community in 1975 when Jim O’Reilly opened this lively and bustling store. Today, Jim’s son Gary and grand-daughter Katie carry on the proud family tradition of offering the best quality produce at affordable prices for their customers. As well as fresh fruit and vegetables, Tugun Fruit & Flowers sell beautiful blooms and feature a juice bar with a wide variety of fresh-pressed juices. Gary takes great care in sourcing and hand selecting all the produce himself, with their products coming from local, national and international growers from the Brisbane Produce Market and Brisbane Flower Market. This attention to detail has paid off with plenty of happy customers returning for their regular supply of flowers, fruit and fresh juices. The team at Tugun Fruit & Flowers are also well known by locals for putting together a special arrangement of blooms for any occasion, including floral arrangements and bouquets for weddings on request. The friendly service, welcoming and relaxed atmosphere, fresh quality produce and attention to detail, all make Tugun Fruit & Flowers well worth a visit. Relax with a juice after you’ve shopped for your fresh produce and weekly flowers or take advantage of Gary and Katie’s extensive knowledge about their produce to answer any cooking, use or storage questions you might have. Gary, Katie and their team also enthusiastically support the local community. The team from Tugan Fruit & Flowers has also donated over a ton of produce for Oz Harvest to date, not only demonstrating their commitment to providing superior, quality produce but their passion for helping others. Whether you’re a local or from further afield, be sure to make A Better Choice. Pop in and say hi to the team from Tugun Fruit & Flowers, or visit their website here.

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