Virgara Fruit & Veg is a family owned/operated business in Adelaide's northern suburb of Angle Vale, South Australia. The store is a strong advocate for supporting and celebrating local produce. This is displayed throughout the store through signs which also include trivia and cooking tips! Pragnesh is the owner of Virgara Fruit & Veg. He bought the store in May of 2015 and has improved it dramatically. Although the store is his first business and his background in fresh produce is limited, he has won over the locals. His store is organised, clean and importantly, full of fresh produce of a high quality! Pragnesh managed a bank prior to owning the shop and has always loved challenges. He uses his experience to manage his store efficiently. Virgara Fruit & Veg is full of passionate staff who share a love for customer service. In addition, Virgara Fruit and Veg help their customers though useful videos on their YouTube channel! Here they post their specials and videos about the business. You can find Pragnesh in the South Australian Produce Market 6 days a week looking for the best produce and negotiating with wholesalers. Much of what he learned was taught by his close friend, Satish, owner of First Choice Fruit and Veg. The pair have launched websites with online shopping capabilities that allow their customers to shop without needing to leave their homes. Take a look at the Virgara Fruit and Veg website here and sign up to their newsletter which includes weekly specials!    

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