Luke and his family bought Westridge Fruit and Vegetables in 2007, but the fruit and vegetable business has been in their blood much longer than that – Luke’s father (Anthony, who also works in the store), grandfather and great-father were all fruiters! Anthony has been in the industry for 46 years, after starting work full-time at his father’s fruit shop at the age of 15. Luke and his brother Matthew (who also works at Westridge) both first started working in the business at age 14. Add Luke’s mum Kathryn, wife Megan, sister Jacinta and her husband, Bart, and the team at Westridge Fruit and Vegetables has more than 128 years of combined experience selling fruits and vegetables! Despite their impressive history, the family behind Westridge Fruit and Vegetables bring a fresh and modern approach to their client’s needs, striving to deliver first-grade fruits and vegetables with their trademark friendly, personalised service in a hectic and demanding market. At Westridge Fruit and Vegetables, expect superior knowledge of what’s in season and what’s a great buy every day of the week. Because they keep in touch with local growers and markets on a daily basis, the produce they sell is always the freshest and best available – which also means it will keep for longer. The team is always happy to recommend fruits and vegetables, explain cooking methods and recipe ideas, pack your purchases carefully, and even carry them to your car for you! Westridge Fruit and Vegetables is also known for supporting local sporting clubs, schools and charity events with sponsorship's and donations. They’re proud to employ a lot of local people, particularly by giving employment opportunities to local youth. The Westridge team recommends getting into a weekly habit of stocking up on fruits and vegetables so you’ll always have delicious and healthy produce to add more nutrition to your diet easily. And of course, by shopping at Westridge, you’re contributing to the health of a fantastic local small business, too! Home delivery options available, call the team at Westridge or visit for more information.

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