Westridge Fruit and Vegetables is a family-owned and operated business that has been in business for 15 years since 2007, but there’s so many more years of knowledge from the passionate fruiterers behind this business. Luke Boulus owns this business, and together with his brother Matthew Boulus they have a long family history in the fruit and veg industry. Luke and Matthew are fourth-generation fruiterers, following on from their father, grandfather and great-grandfather who all had their own produce businesses - so by this point fruit and veg is in their blood! The boys grew up surrounded by the industry, and it’s this knowledge they bring into Westridge Fruit and Vegetables. Located in the regional city of Toowoomba in Queensland, the store services the local community and is passionate about good quality local produce. Customers return again and again for the excellent service the team at Westridge provide. Whether it’s a request for a certain produce line, or helping out with local charities and organisations, the team are always there to help their local community. As part of this support to their local community, they donate a box of fruit each week to four local primary schools for children that often go to school without breakfast or fresh fruit in their lunch boxes. They are always finding ways to encourage their community to be healthy and eat as much fresh produce as possible. Matthew and Luke are passionate about supplying local produce that is Australian grown, as well as supplying produce from growers in and around the Toowoomba region. The majority of their produce is purchased from the Brisbane Markets where they walk the floor twice a week at 6:00 am. Their produce is hand-picked to ensure everything is top-quality. With their history in the industry, Luke and Matthew have long-standing relationships with agents in the market who also had relationships with their father and grandfather since 1975. The great perk about purchasing produce from the Brisbane Markets is that Westridge can have fresh produce from Aussie farms on the shelves the same day it’s purchased ­­– now that’s service! When supply is low and produce prices spike, Matthew and Luke have found that their nimble approach, longstanding Market relationships and access to their local grower’s network across the Darling Downs region mean that they can still meet the needs of their customers with access to a large variety of fresh produce at competitive prices. Their customers are often complimenting them on their excellent produce and the team at Westridge are always friendly and happy to help and of course, are never short of a word! They pride themselves on their expert knowledge and personalised first-class customer service experience that is memorable. Toowoomba is a perfect town for the Boulus brothers, who love the city for its qualities as a small country town at heart, but with all the big city amenities. Luke and Matthew are proud to be able to provide the city of Toowoomba with the freshest and healthiest seasonal produce to take home and enjoy with their family and friends while promoting a healthy lifestyle. Shopping at your local Fruit and veg shop is so important not only to support small family-run businesses like Westridge Fruit and Vegetables, but to support local growers, Aussie farmers, and your local community. Home delivery options available, call the team at Westridge or visit westridgefruit.com.au for more information. To learn more about Westridge Fruit & Vegetables watch this video.

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