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Your local Fruit and Veg shop is doing everything they can to provide you with fresh produce at the best price possible, with as wide a range as is available. When demand for produce is high when supply is low, prices are driven up, as we are seeing with some produce lines as Northern Queensland is affected by ongoing weather events. Prices are expected to ease into the coming weeks as supply improves. Continue to support your local Fruit and Veg shop as they do their best to supply the best quality produce available to you and your community. 

Our pick of the week is Fennel, a delightful vegetable that can be used in so many great ways. Finely slice the bulb, add to salads, and be sure to add in the fronds as a tasty garnish. Hero Fennel in your Sunday roast this weekend, and impress the family with our Roasted Fennel recipe. Fennel is a good source of Vitamin A, aiding in immune system health. Pick some up this week from your local Fruit and Veg shop!

There are several varieties of Apples in great supply at your local Fruit and Veg shop. This week, try a new variety, from a selection of Fuji, Red and Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, and many more! 

Pick up some tasty Tangelos this week! A hybrid between Mandarin and Grapefruit, Tangelos are sweet citrus that can vary in size between being more like a Mandarin or a Grapefruit. They can be eaten as a standalone snack, or can be segmented into salads. 

This week, try some Lady Finger Bananas! This variety of Banana is slightly creamier and sweeter than other varieties and is a great size for snacking. 

Dragon Fruit is available now in white and red-fleshed varieties. Dragonfruit is a bright, fun fruit with a delicate sweet flavour. This fruit is great as an addition to fruit salads, smoothies, or as a topping for your favourite breakfast cereal! Head to your local Fruit and Veg shop and pick some up this week. 

Vegetable lines are more affected than fruit currently. Produce lines that are most affected are Cauliflower, Broccoli, Lettuce and leafy greens but this should come back down soon. 

Have you tried a Jerusalem Artichoke before? Despite the name, Jerusalem Artichoke is not similar to an Artichoke. Jerusalem Artichoke is a root vegetable or tuber, and in cooking is treated like a potato – cooked for longer times to break down the fibres. It can be roasted, mashed, blended into soups, and can also be made into chips! Pick some up this week and try something new for winter!

In the mood for soup that packs a punch of unique flavours? Pick up a Celeriac this week and get cooking! Celeriac can also be served raw, sliced thinly and used in salads! 

Add some colour this week with Beetroot. Beetroot can be prepared in several ways, whether you’re after savoury or sweet dishes! It is especially great in your morning juice or smoothie. Cleanse your body with our Beetroot Detoxifier Juice for an easy way to pack in your daily servings of vitamins! 

Head to your local Fruit and Veg shop this week for an excellent variety of seasonal produce with great service. Try out something new this week, and shop with the season!



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