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It is an excellent week for locally grown fruit and vegetables with Queensland produce dominating the shelves of local fruit shops.

While eating pawpaw on its own may seem like winning the fruit lotto, you can’t beat a tropical breakfast parfait layered with this delicious and nutritious fruit. Get your fill soon, while availability is on the increase. Hotly contesting the pawpaw and brimming with healthy goodness are tropical tasting pineapples and Daintree grown watermelons. Add chunks of watermelon to salads or make a refreshing fruit punch, guaranteed to delight guests at your next party.

Don’t forget about the luscious strawberries from Stanthorpe and blueberries! Both are fantastic value. Fancy some green and gold? Local limes and lemons are calling out for zesty desserts, tarts and drinks. While Hass avocados are having a bumper season and we continue to be impressed with their quality and flavour. Unfortunately, passionfruit and raspberries are in short supply this week.

The transition to stone fruit season has begun. White and yellow-fleshed Central Queensland grown peaches and nectarines are waiting for you at your local fruit shop. Note, prices will ease as volumes increase.

There is an abundance of good quality local vegetables available this week. Fresh asparagus is plentiful, but supplies will drop off soon, so make the most of those vibrant spears. Mushrooms, radishes, Continental and Lebanese cucumbers, spring onions, fennel and kale, are also well supplied. While green capsicums are low, red, and yellow capsicums from Bundaberg are making their way in good supply.

Why not combine the medley of flavours with broccoli, cauliflower, celery, brown onions, and purple cabbage in stir-frys. These crunchy veggies are great eating now and provide you with your 5+ per day. Are you looking for more flavour? Well-stocked Aussie garlic is a great value flavour burst and so is ginger from Gympie.

On the salad front, crisp and crunchy iceberg lettuce from Gatton is good value and makes a great base. Select lettuce with crisp, firm leaves without any signs of wilting. Whether you are using tomatoes for snacking, salads or cooking, your local fruit and veg shop has got you covered with plenty of varieties to choose from including truss, heirloom, and cherry tomatoes.

This week’s hero is the luscious Kensington Pride mango from Northern Territory. A medium-sized yellow to orange fruit tinged with a pink blush, the Kensington Pride mango has a sweet and tangy flavour with a rich, juicy and succulent flesh. The tropical aroma is a good indication but be sure to look for firm ripe fruit that gives slightly to the touch. Store unripe mangoes at room temperature but not in direct sunlight. Once ripened, store them in your fridge crisper for up to three days. Nothing beats a cold mango on a hot day. Treat yourself!


– Produce report supplied by Brismark


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