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We know how good vegetables are for us, but it can be hard to think of new ways to include them in your diet to make sure you’re getting your recommended daily intake. We have put together a list of five ways to eat more veggies without having to cook completely new dishes!

1. Smoothies
Although smoothies might be primarily fruit, try adding some spinach or other leafy greens to boost the veggie content. They won’t change the taste of the smoothie which is great, but will also give you some veggie goodness!

2. Snacks
Instead of opting for chips or crackers, eat some veg. Carrot sticks with dip, or even some zucchini chips will for sure help with your snack cravings. They’re also way healthier, and will keep you full for longer.

3. Turn vegetables into noodles
Try noodle-frying your zucchini or sweet potato! It’ll make your whole dish a lot healthier (in comparison to normal pasta), and it’s a fun way to switch up your fave dishes – you never want to get bored when it comes to food!

4. Try swapping out bread for veg
Instead of wraps or burgers, try using lettuce leaves as wraps! Fill them with all your normal goodies, but instead of bread, you’re getting a little extra veg (also extra crispy, too!)

5. Eat more soups and stir-fries!
Soups and stir-fries are super easy to make and provide a great way to include heaps of different vegetables. You can blend them all together in a soup so everything’s hidden (good to hide veg from kids who don’t like it!) or leave them chunky in a stir-fry!

Hopefully we have inspired you to include more veg into your diet! It doesn’t need to be hard, and you can just add some extras into the meals you already cook on a daily basis – how easy?!

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