Sweet Potato Cupcakes - Back to School

A Better Choice For Freshness

Did someone say chocolate? You could likely whisper that word and your kids would come running. For years, parents have been finding ways to sneak vegetables into their kid’s food. With back to school coming up, Chocolate Sweet Potato Cupcakes are just the way to do that. Here’s how you can get your kids excited about being in the kitchen while integrating quality and freshness as well.

The magic sweet potato

Did you know the sweet potato is magic? Okay, maybe not actually, but you could probably tell that to your elementary schooler and be set. Sweet potatoes are the hero of vegetables. They’re a super food because they’re versatile and packed with nutrients. You can use them for fresh fries, dessert or other flavourful options in place of starchier food. And better yet, they’re delicious!

Sweet Potato Cupcakes

Can I have an after school snack?

Kids love to eat. And, unfortunately, they’re taught fairly early that eating is fun to do, which makes sense because most people love eating. However, what’s not the best is when your little one is constantly eating when they’re bored instead of when they’re actually hungry. Establishing healthy eating habits of fresh food is one of the most important things that you can do as a parent.

Two of the ways that you can do that is by modeling health eating yourself and by cooking with them in the kitchen. These two actions demonstrate that you care about your body, and you know what it takes to keep it healthy. Kids follow your example, and you have all the tools to help them grow into healthy and strong adults.

Sweet Potato CupcakesNext time you hear, “Can I have an after school snack?” Skip the fruit snacks and pull out this recipe to make with them. You’ll create memories and help show them how to create healthy habits in the kitchen while also actively making a delicious snack that’ll keep them content until dinner time. Because sweet potatoes are rich in dietary fibre, they’re great for keeping you fuller for longer than just an hour. Send your kiddos out to play after this snack and enjoy a few hours of peace!

Best yet, you’ll be able to keep these cupcakes for up to three days, which means you’ve just created a delicious and healthy treat that’ll last you for the next few days. Can you say #parentinghack?

Back to school in style

Heading back to school is challenging in a variety of ways. You have to go shopping for school supplies, get new clothes and shoes, and constantly have enough quality, healthy food in your house for school lunches. Take one more thing off your plate (pun intended) with a healthy snack the kids will devour – Chocolate Sweet Potato Cupcakes.


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