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In Winter, we can get into a habit of eating lots of bland looking food. Pastas, soups and meat dishes that are all yummy, but not necessarily the most visually appealing foods. We are coming into Spring now though, and it’s time we brighten up our food to make things a bit more appetizing! Here are four ways to brighten up your plate this Spring!



Vegetables are the rainbow of the food world! They come in almost every colour, and are so versatile, you can put them in every dish. Whether it be a side salad, in wraps, pasta dishes or stir-fry’s, veggies have you covered in the colour department.


Like veggies, fruit is also nature’s colour pallet. Fruit is a great way to liven up your sweet dishes, like fruit pies, fruit salads and even just as a table decoration in a fruit bowl, but you can include some fruits in your savoury dishes too. Add some cut up orange into a salad for a splash of colour, and even pop some apple into your pork dishes. You’ll be surprised how these colours will make your plates pop!

Herbs & Spices

Creating garnishes and topping your food with herbs like parsley and coriander will add that splash of colour to your normally simple (in colour, not flavour!) looking meals. Sprinkling some paprika over dinner will also add a touch of red, which is a great colour to enhance your food. Even adding some spring onion and chives will take your food from home cooked goodness, to MasterChef level cuisine!


Edible flowers are one of the prettiest ways to take your plate from boring to gourmet! You can use flowers like pansies, squash blossoms and zucchini flowers as plate toppers, or within your cooking. Squash blossoms are good in stir-fry’s or fritters. Of course, in the instance of making your plates pretty, we recommend using them as toppers and garnishes.


These tips all include foods that are easily accessible from your local supermarket, or if you’re lucky, from your own backyard. Also, a small price to pay to brighten your dishes, to make them look even more appetizing!

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