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Not wanting to put vegetables to waste? Pickling vegetables allows you to prolong their life by allowing you to enjoy them all year around.   

What is pickling?  

Pickling is the process of preserving a food (most commonly vegetables) by immersing it in a vinegar or salt solution.  


There are three types of pickling: 

Quick Pickles 

More recently, the concept of “quick pickling” has become more popular. Rather than spending the time traditional pickling where you need to worry about canning, quick pickling is simply vegetables that have been prepared with water, vinegar and salt solution and stored in the refrigerator.  

Canned Pickles 

Using a similar vinegar solution as quick pickling, the canned pickled process required a hot water bath and then you need to wait 2-5 weeks before eating.  

Fermented Pickles  

Using a bacterium to ferment and cure the food. This process generally takes between 3-6 weeks and more skill in comparison to the quick vinegar pickles  

The best part about pickling is, you can pickle pretty much any vegetable, but below we will tell you the BEST vegetables to pickle.  



Arguably the most popular pickled vegetable, pickled cucumbers are a great snack, or even better known as a crunchy extra in a hamburger.  


Tasty and versatile, a pickled cauliflower is a perfect way to add some crunch into a salad or even a vegetable burrito 


Pickled capsicum is a delicious addition to antipasto platter or tossed through salad 


Surprise! Not a vegetable, but pickling watermelon is very popular in Eastern European culture. What a fun way to add enjoy a summer vegetable, all year round.   

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