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A Better Choice For Freshness

Do you remember hearing about the mythical 5 a day as a kid? It referred to eating a variety of fruit and vegetables each and every day. It certainly seems like a big ask of a nine-year-old to eat that many fruits and veggies a day. For many of us, it still is a big ask!

You’re forgiven if up until now you’ve only averaged a couple a day, but now it’s time to be a big kid, and really pump up those numbers. By the end of this blog, don’t be surprised if you’re doubling that 5 a day quota!


Morning Smoothie – Piece Count: 2-3

We’ll start at the start, with brekkie.

This may not be one to blow your mind, but it’s often forgotten! What better way to knock down two or three pieces of fruit in one go than with a wake-up smoothie? It’s the easiest way to get in a couple of pieces straight away, and you already know they taste great. As the season takes a turn towards summer, having an ice-cold banana and berry smoothie is the perfect start to the day.


Real Fruit Loops – Piece Count 2-3

If you prefer a more traditional take on breakfast, then maybe some muesli or oats are the way to go. Add a splash of milk, a dollop of yoghurt, and a spilling heap of fruits and berries. Slice up some banana, peach, apple or pear and take your breakfast to another level. When it looks like you have enough fruit in your bowl, add more.


Guaca-moré – Piece Count: 1-2

We’ve all experienced the universal tragedy of not having enough dip for your chip, but it’s time to flip it on its head. Remember that you’re on a mission to maximise your fruit and veg numbers! You have goals to hit.

When it comes to making yourself guacamole, you don’t need to hold back; throw in a couple of big avocados or more. If you have a spare tomato lying around, guess where it’s going. In the guac! More is more here. You’ll get to the end of the corn chips and still have guacamole to enjoy by the spoonful. Or even try using it as spread on rice-cakes.


The Sneak-Technique – Piece Count: 2-4

 What’s for dinner?

If its anything lying in the spectrum between soup and stir-fry, you’ve got yourself some major real estate to fill with veggies. Double up whatever vegetables you’d normally add to your dish or try adding something new in an old classic. You’d be surprised how well a grated carrot goes in your pasta sauce.

Or even try adding two varieties of the same vegetable to the dish, this way you get to learn what works best by compare and contrast. For example, if you’re making a casserole, try chunks of Queensland Blue pumpkin as well as Jarrahdale pumpkin in casserole. What better way to learn the difference than trying them side by side?


Weekly trips to your fruit and veg shop – Piece Count: Unknown

If you haven’t already made a trip down to your local fruit and veg shop a regular occurrence, then this is definitely a sure-fire way to make a sustainable boost to your intake numbers. When you do your shopping for fresh produce at a fruit-specific store, then you won’t have the temptation of unhealthy snacks to fill your basket. You can also take a more thoughtful approach to the produce you decide to buy, with unique varieties always on offer.

When you’re at home with a fridge full of local fruits and vegetables, it’s much easier to make a better choice about what to snack on or fill your dinner plate with.


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