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We all know that sugar isn’t exactly the best for us, but the line gets a little murky when it comes to fruit. We often hear that the fruit in sugar is “good sugar” which is true! But we think it’s still interesting to have a look at just how much sugar is in your favourite fruits…

One mango has 45 grams of sugar! It’s not surprising because of how sweet and delicious mangoes are.

Can you believe that a handful of these little guys has about 23 grams of sugar?

Surprisingly, a medium wedge of watermelon only has 17 grams of sugar! This is because it is loaded with water, meaning the sugar content is relatively low compared to some other fruits!

A medium-sized fig has about 8 grams of sugar, which isn’t a lot. But if you’ve ever had a fig, you know it’s hard to stop at just one! Those grams add up when you’re having a fig feast!

Everyone’s go-to, the banana has about 14 grams of sugar! A good amount, but can get pretty high if you pair it with honey or maple syrup over your morning oats!

A cup of cherries has about 18 grams, so when you’re snacking on them this Christmas, be mindful. Although, Christmas calories don’t count…

Just a reminder, that the sugar in fruit is “good sugar”! A few punnets of cherries are a lot better than the processed and artificial sugars you’ll find in lollies, and honestly, fresh cherries taste a lot better too!

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