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The Easter long weekend is nearly here and while we love to feast on delicious chocolate Easter eggs with our family, it doesn’t mean your health kick has to go completely out the window!

Unsure how to stay healthy this Easter with all the temptations? We’ve compiled our top tips for you below.

Allow yourself treats

 This once-a-year holiday is made for you to treat yourself and enjoy some delicious sugary snacks with loved ones. The trick is, where possible, to try and avoid feeling guilty about allowing yourself to have a few treats. When you don’t feel like you’ve restricted your eating habits, you’re less likely to go crazy and over consume.

Add in healthy substitutes

While we want to you to enjoy your chocolate (it’s Easter after all!), if you’re feeling extra health conscious, try making a few healthy snacks at home so you have more control over the ingredients and can work in healthier substitutes. Ingredients like raw cacao, dark chocolate, coconut oil and brown rice syrup are mouth-watering additions to any dessert or snack. Want to make them even healthier? Depending on what you’re making, why not add in fruit such as strawberries or dates for some extra goodness!

Eat your greens

Since you know you’ll be feasting on some chocolate bunnies or eggs throughout the festivities, ensure you balance out your meals by incorporating plenty of greens into your diet. A delicious salad with ingredients like baby spinach, cucumber, capsicum and green beans paired with good fats and protein (like these tasty Salmon Easter Skewers) fuel your body with what it’s craving and balance out the increased sugar intake.

Do you have any great tips on having a healthy Easter? Comment below and let us know!

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