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Preparing your meals in advance has countless benefits, whether you’re a health and fitness guru looking to watch your calorie intake, or a busy working professional needing to save time and money by pre-preparing your meals.

Unsure how to get started? We’re sharing our top tips on how to meal prep like a pro so you can save time in the kitchen and handle mealtimes with ease.

Identify what meals you need help with

To start the meal prepping process, think about the meals you need to prepare in advance to make your life easier. For some of us, mornings are our busiest times, so pre-making smoothie packs or overnight oats can transform how we start the day. For others, it may be reducing the urge to pick up takeaway food for lunch, or ensuring you have food prepped for when you walk in the door after work so you can quickly feed you and your family.

Buy containers

Now that you know the types of meals you need to prep, you’ll need to stock up on enough containers to store your food appropriately. We suggest getting BPA-free containers that are the same size so they can be easily stacked in your fridge. Also, make sure you pick containers that are microwave friendly to make heating and consuming your food even easier.

Get planning 

Once you’ve determined what meals you need prepped in advance, it’s time to get organised! Planning your meals includes finding recipes, writing up your shopping list, heading to your local A Better Choice retailer to purchase your food and allocating time to cook! We suggest doing this on a Sunday as you’ll have a good idea of what’s on for the week ahead so you can plan accordingly.

When planning your recipes, think of dishes that are easy to make and won’t spoil once cooked. Pasta, salads, meats and steamed or roast vegetables are great options when meal prepping. To ensure you’re cooking food that still tastes delicious, remember to add as much variety as you can so that you don’t get bored eating the same thing each day! This can be as simple as switching up your sauces, spices or protein, or alternating your salads or source of carbohydrates.

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