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Bloating is a common experience for many of us! You know that feeling where your stomach is swollen or gassy, and at times can cause discomfort and pain. But why does it happen and is there a way to prevent it from occurring? 

Read on to discover our five tips that can help prevent your next bloating moment 

Try reducing your garlic and onion intake 

Garlic and onion are a part of a food group called FODMAP’s, which is essentially food that is poorly absorbed by the gut. This can lead to your stomach feeling gassy, tight and can even lead to diarrhoea. 

But you don’t have to compromise flavour for comfort. You can swap out brown onion for spring onion or fresh garlic for garlic infused olive oil.  

Rule out lactose intolerance 

A lactose intolerance has similar symptoms to bloating such as abdominal pain, indigestion and increased gas. Try eliminating sources of lactose such as milk, cream and butter and see how you feel.  

Instead of dairy milk, you can try using a plant-based milk, olive oil instead of butter and coconut cream instead of dairy cream. While you’re there, we highly recommend trying out our Coconut Rice Pudding.  

Avoid artificial sweeteners 

If you’re a sweet tooth, then you’re in luck! When it comes to bloating, it is better to opt for a more natural option than get sucked into a high-calorie artificial replacement. These are often found in products like chewing gum, yogurt and mints. These types of sweeteners are high in FODMAPs causing potential gassiness and bloating.   

Instead, reach for sweet, natural treats like dates, honey and fruit. If you’re feeling creative, try out our Frozen Banana Treats!. 

Slow down at mealtime 

Do you eat your food quickly? It might be time to slow down for the sake of bloating. Gulping food down and not chewing properly can contribute to feeling bloated and gassy. It’s best to sit down and enjoy your meal, taking time to chew each mouthful and take breaks between mouthfuls.   

Light physical activity  

After a big meal you might be feeling a little bloated. Going for a light walk after a meal can aid digestion and help those who are prone to bloating. Yoga is another great form of exercise to relieve digestive pain. Simple poses such as child’s pose, downward dog and cat-cow can all be beneficial for bloating.   

Good luck getting on top of your bloating! With a few food considerations and lifestyle tips, you’ll be feeling your best after each meal.  

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