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There’s nothing like food poisoning to turn you off your favourite dish. There are people who refuse to eat things like rice and chicken because they got food poisoning once when they were younger. So, to make you’re able to eat your favourite meals all the time, we have developed some tips on how to reduce your risk of food poisoning at home!

1. Wash your hands
You should be washing your hands before and after cooking, as well as before and after handling foods like raw meat, fish, eggs and vegetables.

2. Use separate chopping boards
Foods such as meat and fish, and fresh produce like fruit and veg should be prepared on separate chopping boards.

3. Cook food thoroughly
It’s important to make sure poultry and meats are cooked properly. This means they are steaming hot, with no pink inside.

4. Use leftovers within 2 days
Depending on the type of food, leftovers should be consumed within two days if put in the fridge. The best way to store leftovers is in the freezer, especially if you have a lot leftover. Freezer storage is the best way to get longevity out of your meals.

5. Always check the use-by dates
Even if food looks and smells okay, use-by dates are put on packaging for a reason. The best way to ensure minimal chance of food poisoning is by making sure the food you’re about to eat is in date.

Hopefully these helpful tips will save you from getting food poisoning in future. Happy (and safe!) eating, everyone!

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