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Now more than ever, there is a focus on how we can look our environment and the importance of making small differences every day to improve the state of our planet. A Better Choice is committed to supporting this initiative and ensuring that our land is in the best state it can be.  

Keep Australia Beautiful Week is from August 19th – 25th and is the perfect time to focus on making conscious efforts in your community to Keep Australia Beautiful.  

If you’re wondering how you can contribute to this week, we have highlighted some ways you can get involved in this initiative.  



Best way to see change is by making it. Why not get a group together with your workmates, school or neighbours and get involved in a Neighbourhood Litter Count.  When doing a litter count, you’ll work with a group to identify key litter issues within a certain key area. Make note and keep tally of the key items which is being found in the area so you can record improvements which can be made or ongoing litter issues which may need to be addressed by your local council.  


Did you know that it’ll take up to 12 years for the environment to breakdown a cigarette butt and up to 450 years to break down a plastic drink bottle? If you see someone littering in your area, make sure that you report it to avoid our planet dealing with any more landfill.  


With so many great initiatives and a wide range of environmental programs in place, the easiest way to contribute to Keep Australia Beautiful is by making a tax-deductible donation.  


If you need any more information, you can go to https://kab.org.au/donate/. 

Find out more about A Better Choice, and our initiatives here 


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