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It is quite surprising how something so small can be jam-packed with so many nutrients and health benefits. All nuts and seeds have varying differences in regards to their vitamin and mineral content, making all of them an amazing addition to your diet. Not convinced? Here are just some of the amazing benefits these yummy, bite-sized, nutrient-packed nuts and seeds have!

1. High in protein, making them a great alternative to animal proteins if you’re trying to cut down on your meat intake!

2. Low in saturated fats

3. Free of dietary cholesterol

4. High in dietary fibre

5. Provide minerals like magnesium, zinc, calcium and potassium (just to name a few!)

6. Reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes

In addition to all of these benefits, nuts and seeds are also associated with weight loss. Despite being high in energy and fats, they have actually been known to lower body weight. They assist with fat absorption, hunger and fullness and even increase the amount of energy we burn.

Nuts and seeds work best in a balanced diet, including a variety of different nuts and seeds as they all work differently in our bodies! They are the perfect snack, and addition to meals when cooking. There really is nothing these little things can’t do for us!

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