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More often than not, people think chucking some lettuce, tomato and cucumber into a bowl with some French dressing is a salad, and that’s why they get tired of their salads quickly. But they don’t need to! Want to make your salads more exciting? You’ve come to the right place! Here are some yummy ingredients to make your salads extremely delicious (and exciting!)

1. Croutons
We all love a bit of crunch, and croutons are a perfect addition to any salad – not just a Caesar!

2. Use different leafy greens
Try swapping your lettuce for spinach and rocket instead. An instant taste difference, and we all know how good spinach is for you!

3. Add a warm element
Whether it be some stir-fried veg (think broccoli, mushroom, capsicum) or chicken or marinated tofu, it’ll take your simple salads to the next level!

4. Make your own dressing or try out something new
Dressings are a huge part of making your salads taste good. When you’re constantly using the same dressing, it’s easy for your salads to taste a bit bland. Try making your own, or opt for a different dressing at the supermarket!

5. Add something sweet
Okay, hear us out. This might sound strange, but you’d be surprised how good it is! Try adding some dried cranberries, fresh pear or even mandarins. The burst of sweetness might be exactly what you need to liven up your salads!

We hope you enjoy your new and improved salads!

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