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Today is World Vegan Day, and in celebration we have put together a list of some of the benefits of swapping out your meats with fruit and veg, at least every now and then! We are also going to tell you about the best vegetables to eat to make sure your protein and iron levels stay in tip-top-shape, so you are getting the most out of your plant-based meals.

Veganism and plant-based lifestyles have grown in popularity dramatically over the past few years, and because of that, more and more people are opting to at least try adopting more plants into their lifestyle. This is mostly because of the environmental and health benefits, as well as for the animals of course!

There is research that suggests livestock contributes to up to 18% of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions (which is higher than transportation!), as well as 8% of the global human water use. These statistics are a major reason why more and more people are trying to reduce their carbon footprint and opt for meat free options where possible.

The health benefits of a vegan diet, when done correctly, are huge! A vegan diet has been linked to lowering blood sugar levels and even improving kidney function. It has also been proven that certain cancers can be prevented by adopting a more plant-based diet. It can even lower your risk of heart disease and high blood pressure – sounds pretty good to us!

It is super important that your body maintains healthy levels of iron, protein, fibre and calcium in order to function correctly! Here are some meat alternatives that will ensure you’re still getting in all the important nutrients when you’re eating more fruit and veg.

– Green veg like spinach, silverbeet and broccoli.
– Lentils and beans
– Nuts and seeds
– Dried fruit

– Spinach
– Alfalfa sprouts
– Cauliflower
– Broccoli

– Carrots
– Beetroot
– Apples
– Bananas

– Kale
– White beans
– Soybeans
– Spinach

By incorporating more of these foods into your meals, you’re able to have more of a balanced diet. Happy eating this World Vegan Day!

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