10 mins

Lunchtime just got monstrously exciting with our Qukes® Ham and Salad Rolls! 🎉
These rolls add a touch of creativity to the meal, making it a fun surprise for the little ones. 🥒
Pack them in lunchboxes for an exciting twist on an ordinary day! 😋🍽️👦👧

Recipe supplied by Perfection Fresh Australia


  1. Slice 6 Qukes® lengthways, each into 4.
  2. Spread the avocado over both sides of the buns and arrange the lettuce over the bun bases. Top with cheese, ham, carrot and sliced Qukes®. Sandwich with the bun top. Secure the eyes with a little cream cheese or melted white chocolate to lolly pop stick or pretzel stick and insert into the bun.
  3. Place into lunch box with fresh fruit and vegetables.

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