15 mins Prep | 4 mins cook

Transform store-bought pikelets into a berry explosion that kids can’t resist! šŸŽ‰ Loaded with Perfection blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries, these colourful treats will be the highlight of your kidā€™s day!

Recipe supplied by Perfection Fresh Australia


  1. Lightly toast 4 pikelets, they should feel crisp on the surface. Remove to a board. Roll over the surface with a rolling pin, while warm to flatten slightly then fold them in half. Turn a muffin pan upside down and place the pikelets in the space between the holes to cool (this ensures they hold the ā€˜tacoā€™ shape. Repeat with the remaining 4 pikelets.
  2. Whip the ricotta and honey with a hand mixer until creamy. Spoon into the pikelet tacos. Fill with berries and serve.
  3. These are a great lunchbox or after-school treat.


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