30 mins

Crafted with love using juicy Perfection strawberries, liquorice twists for tails, and mini milk chocolate chips for eyes, these delightful mice are almost too adorable to eat. šŸ’•
šŸ“šŸ­āœØ A whimsical and fruity creation that will have kids and the young at heart smiling with every bite!

Recipe supplied by Perection Fresh Australia


  1. Slice the green calyx from the end of each strawberry. Trim a small piece from the base of each strawberry so it sits flat.
  2. Place a little melted chocolate on the back of the chocolate chips and attached the nose at the pointy end of each strawberry.
  3. Roll 20 small pieces of fondant into tiny little rounds. Using a skewer, place a little melted chocolate on the fondant and position as the eyes.
  4. Cut 2 slots with a sharp knife behind the eyes, press a flaked almond into each for the ears.
  5. Cut the licorice into lengths for the tail. Use a skewer to poke a hole into the back of each strawberry and press the licorice into the hole. Cut the cheese into wedges and serve with the strawberry mice.

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