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This cheesy, scrumptious sampling is bursting with fresh veg and hearty winter vibes. Cuddle up with this mini calzone for a seasonal snack that will keep you coming back.

This Winter winner was brought to you in collaboration with the @MelbourneFoodNerd, our resident foodie fan!


For pizza dough
– Sift the flour into a large bowl, make a well
– Add yeast, sugar and water and lightly mix
– Cover with a cloth, and leave in a warm spot for approximately 30 minutes
– Add the salt, oil and use a wooden spoon to mix together thoroughly
– Knead the dough until smooth, make a cross with a knife on the top and sprinkle flour
– Leave until needed

For filling and construction (commence step 1-3 after making the dough)
– (1) Wash spinach, chop mushrooms and pumpkin to desired size
– (2) Add pumpkin to baking tray, and roast until soft
– (3) Cook mushrooms in some butter
– Roll out the pizza dough into rough circles around 20cm diameter
– Add filling to one half of the dough, starting with mozarella, then spinach, mushrooms, pumpkin, ricotta and then more mozzarella
– Fold over to make a semi-circle, use a fork to press edges down. Brush lightly with olive oil
– Cook in a preheated oven (as hot as possible) until golden brown and cooked

You can always freeze leftover pizza dough

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