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We all know Winter can be a bit of struggle.

Sick days, sniffles, colds, and bugs that you’d rather not know the name of, plus fewer hours of precious sunlight to make the most of our day.

Even the hit TV series Game of Thrones made the season sound like the curse of all ages, with its chilling prophecy: “Winter is coming” sending chills up the spines of avid viewers and spurring a thousand memes of Jon Snow.

Okay, so thankfully we don’t need to don the furs and trek through blizzards to confront the dreaded White Walkers but keeping you and your family healthy during the Winter months can feel like a battle of its own.

That’s where soup comes to the rescue, and no we don’t mean the canned variety.

Soup for the soul

According to government statistics, only six per cent of Australian adults eat the recommended two fruits plus five vegetables a day, meaning many of us are missing out on the important vitamins and nutrients that help keep us happy, energised, healthy and calm.

Luckily, adding a soup or two to the weekly winter menu is an easy way to bump up the vegetable quota in one meal.

Far from being a season of lack, Australia is a nation of abundance when it comes to winter vegetables.

A head of cauliflower, a potato and leek, and some garlic, bacon, milk and cream will set you on the path to a delicious and hearty warming soup; while pumpkin, sweet potato and parsnip are also a star trio.

There are literally thousands of soup recipes from spice-laden Indian soups, to pumpkin and Mexican specialties, or just ask your local independent retailer for suggestions.

Service and quality is better at your local retailer

Many independent Australian retailers put free soup recipe leaflets on the shelf beside the winter vegetables so it’s easy to sort out the evening meal as you fill up the trolley or basket with the freshest produce.

Good old-fashioned service is one of the benefits of shopping at your local independent retailer, along with better quality and a better choice for the consumer. You’ll often find a far greater range of seasonal fruit and vegetables compared to supermarkets, and the smaller trader offers value for money too.

So, whether you’re feeling under the weather or just adding fennel, swede or silver beet to the winter grocery list, call in to your friendly local independent retailer today and discover the ingredients for a soup that’s healthy, fresh and just plain delicious.

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