A Better Choice For Freshness

The weather is warming up and it is time for all of our favourite outdoor activities and holidays – backyard cricket, picnics, BBQs, Christmas, beach days… the list goes on! Alongside this warm weather, we are gifted with some of the best, freshest fruit and veg that we all love. Here is your guide on what to look for now that we’re in Spring, and in Summer as it’s just around the corner!

North Queensland is supplying us with the ever-favourite bananas, while Victoria is gifting us some of the best citrus fruits they have to offer! We are also lucky to be having a great supply of strawberries, blueberries, papaya, pineapple and rockmelons coming from Central Queensland, accompanied by some amazing stone fruits like nectarines and peaches – oh how we’ve missed you!

Here are just some of the fruits and vegetables you have to look forward to during the warmer months!


What produce are you most looking forward to buying?

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