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Spring is finally here and it’s a better time than ever to visit your local fruit and veg shop! Eating seasonally is not only better for your wallet and the environment, but it’s a great way to change up your weekly meals and give you more inspiration for your days. 

Our pick of the week is sweet corn. Perfectly crunchy and juicy, sweet corn is a great way to add a hint of sweetness to your savoury meals, or can be a delicious side just on its own. With a host of benefits to support eye and digestive health, sweet corn is a healthy addition to your diet this week. Want to make sweet corn the star of the show this week? Make these delicious Corn Ribs for an entree the whole family will love. 

Deliciously sweet and vibrant strawberries are an excellent choice for your fruit selection this week. Add some ripe strawberries to your morning smoothies, toast or cereal, or get creative and bake them into a delicious cake or pie! This Blood Orange & Strawberry Galette is a simple yet striking dessert that will wow your guests!

Keep the berry good times rolling with blueberries this week. These delightful little bursts of goodness are in good supply and are packed with flavour. Whip up a tried and true Blueberry & Banana Smoothie to kickstart your morning this week. 

We all know how perfect avocado is spread on toast, but have you tried using it in your baking or sweets? Avocado can be used as a substitute for butter in icing, or you can even make your own Chocolate Avocado Mousse! Pick up some avocados from your local fruit and veg shop this week. 

Are you a fan of citrus? Well, the good news is there is plenty available this week! Delicious dekapon mandarins are a great option for a snack this week or add them to a fruit salad! Another great option in good supply this week is limes to add a fruity burst of flavour to drinks and sweets or salad dressings. 

Passionfruit is plentiful this week and great quality. Bursting with tropical flavours, passionfruit is a family favourite to add to ice cream and yoghurt, salads or even mixed into your favourite drinks! Add some passionfruit to your shopping basket at your local fruit and veg shop this week. 

Tomatoes are a staple in most houses, and this week is a great time to get them! Tomatoes are bursting with flavour and their unique texture makes them ideal for everything from salads and sandwiches to sauces and roasts. What better way to enjoy tomatoes than with Bruschetta

Get your hands on some crunchy lettuce this week! The perfect salad base or sandwich level-upper, lettuce is a great way to get an easy veg addition to your daily veg intake! Make the most of lettuce this week with a San Choy Bao! 

Looking for a veg that can last a few meals and be used in a number of ways? Pumpkin is your answer! There are a wide variety of pumpkins available, including Butternut and Jap pumpkins. Use them up in soups, roasts, salads or even homemade bread!

With spring comes an array of delicious and delicate green vegetables, including green beans. These wonderful little beans are a thrifty buy and are so good for you with a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals. Prepare beans simply with butter, garlic, salt and pepper for a delicious side-dish!

Capsicums are a great option for your springtime salads and meals, and are a great way to add flavour to your meals. Simply roasting capsicums transforms the flavour for a rich subtle smokey flavour that can be added to pasta, salad or even a quiche! 

Keep a watchful eye on the many in-store changes at your local fruit and veg shop as the seasons change. Eating seasonally is not only better for your wallet, but is also better for the environment. Head in-store and visit your local fruit and veg shop this week for better quality, freshness and service. 




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