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If Christmas is at your place this year, it can be a stressful time! You want to make sure you’ve planned everything, there’s enough food for everyone, and that the kids will be entertained… not to mention the actual cooking of everything! Here’s a checklist to get you started and help to relieve some stress over the silly season!

1. Decorate

Decorating the home with some festive decorations not only sets the mood, but it can actually be a whole lot of fun! The kids will love pitching in too (even if you’ll probably have to follow them around fixing things up!)


  1. Map out your timings

Have you decided on a Christmas feast at lunch, or dinner? Are you having family over? What time will they arrive? Should you pre-prepare some dishes the day before to make life a bit easier? If you plan these timings out, it’ll make the whole day seem a lot less stressful!


  1. Start tidying a few days in advance

We know this seems like a bit of a counterproductive chore, considering after the holidays the house will most likely be a pigsty, but you know you’ll feel better doing it ahead of time, instead of a last-minute panic-tidy! We definitely recommend making this task a family chore!


  1. Organise the fun things!

The fun things are the playlist, the movie marathon order and even the nap schedule. Create the atmosphere by jamming your playlist with Chrissy faves, as well as some of the classic, everyday tunes. It’s always good to plan the movies too – you don’t want the kids arguing or trying to find a movie that isn’t on the streaming sites. Give them a list of 5-6 movies and be on your way!


  1. Dictate chores and meals to family and friends

This is not a day that should be done alone! Get the kids tidying, have the relatives bring over some salads or dessert dishes, and lessen the load on yourself.


  1. Enjoy the day!

After everything is cooked, the music’s playing, and the kids are busy, be sure to put your feet up and relax! Spend time with your family and friends and dig into the delicious feast! It’ll make the stress worth it!

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