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With the weather cooling down, it’s getting harder and harder to get out of bed. Here are three ideas for breakfast that will have you excited to wake up and start cooking!

  1. French Toast

Nothing says warm and toasty, like French toast. Add some maple syrup and fresh berries (think blueberries as they are in season and super yum!) and you’ve got the perfect breakfast that will have you more than ready to conquer the day ahead!

  1. Porridge

Include dates, cinnamon and cardamom for a warm, hearty breakfast. Satisfying and filling – what more could you want in a brekkie?

  1. Crepes with orange and passionfruit

This combination will keep your immunity system strong during the change in weather, as well as giving your taste buds something to write home about. Passionfruit and oranges are in season during Autumn which means they are at their best!

  1. Yoghurt

Always a breakfast favourite – yoghurt is a quick and easy snack to get you through to lunch time. Since figs are in season, caramelize them and add them to your favourite yoghurt – super yum!

Hopefully this helps make the cold mornings a lot more bearable!

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