A Better Choice For Freshness

From Greek Salads, to Caesar Salads, when we think of our favourite salad combinations, we typically think of savoury dishes. However, if you’re wanting to mix up your usual go-to salad, why not try adding fruit to your salads for a refreshing (and sweet!) taste.

Unsure how to incorporate fruit into your next salad? We’ve listed a few of our favourite ingredients you’ll need to try now!

Pomegranate seeds
These are a great addition to any salad, as they are little bite-sized seeds that offer a delectable burst of flavour. They’re not overpowering in taste, so they pair perfectly with your chosen savoury ingredients.

Pair fig with rocket, walnuts and cheese and you have yourself the perfect cheese platter style salad that everyone will love!

BBQs are not just for grilling meat! Chargrilled peach adds a caramelly flavour you didn’t know your salads were missing. Chargrill them until they are slightly blackened and add with ingredients such as green beans, onions and almonds.

Roast some pear in butter and add it to your simple salads for an extra flavour and crunch! Pair it with walnuts, peppery watercress and your choice of something salty to really get the best out of this fruit!

You will be surprised by how incorporating fruit will really freshen up your boring salads! Which ingredient will you include in your next salad?

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