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It’s almost school time again, and that means making school lunches again! Are you wanting to start the new year right with some yummy new treats and healthy food for your little ones? Here are some back to school lunch ideas that your kids will love!

1. Pita Pockets
Ditch the vegemite sandwich, and opt for a healthier (and yummier) alternative. Fill the pita pocket with salad and whatever else you’d like and you’ve got yourself a great lunch time meal!

2. Fruit Salad
Most schools have a fruit break, which is great, but your kids can sometimes get bored of the classic apple and banana. Why not send them to school with a variety of fruit in a fruit salad! Make a fresh bowl the night before, and you can get a few days’ worth of fruit breaks out of the way!

3. Something Sweet
Have a baking day and make cupcakes and muffins (with help from the kids of course!) and send them to school with your creations. Easy recess snack!

4. Crackers and Dip
The healthy alternative to a packet of chips is crackers and dip. For bonus points, have veggie sticks instead!

We hope these ideas get the creativity and inspiration flowing while you’re thinking of all things back to school! There’s nothing better than a great lunch to get your kids through the day!

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