A Better Choice For Freshness

This year has been a crazy one – I think we can all agree on that! With a global pandemic changing how we live our lives, anxiety is a common feeling among a lot of us. It’s important to acknowledge these feelings and begin doing things that will help to soothe anxiety and improve your overall wellbeing.

Baking may seem like an everyday task, but with all this free time, why not fill it with a productive activity that results in tasty treats? We looked into the benefits of baking, and here’s what we found:

  • It helps with mindfulness. Baking keeps you fully engaged and present, which in turn helps your mind focus on something other than anxious feelings for a little while.
  • It keeps you busy. Boredom is definitely an easy feeling during these times, so anything that can help keep you busy and your mind off stressful things is definitely welcomed.
  • Baking gives you structure. Many of us may have fallen out of our normal routines, and that can knock us around a little bit. Baking allows us to follow a structured recipe which helps give us some order which can be comforting for a lot of individuals.
  • It helps your creativity. Whether it be through playing around with different ingredients or colours, baking definitely tunes into your creative side which is never a bad thing!

Baking can be inexpensive and accessible to everyone, making it an easy way to stay busy, keep your mind occupied and thinking creatively. And is there a better way to make yourself feel better than rewarding yourself with the treats you create? We don’t think so!

Happy baking everyone!

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