A Better Choice For Freshness

Carrots are definitely a favourite vegetable. Being quite versatile, you can eat them in many ways. On burgers, in salads, roasted and even in your favourite meals like stir-fries and pastas. In celebration of International Carrot Day, we are shedding light on the fact they are actually really, really good for you too! They are actually considered to be the perfect health food – how good is that?!

Here are just some of the health benefits of carrots!

  1. A weight-loss-friendly food
  2. Linked to lowering cholesterol levels
  3. Contains very little fat (0.2g)
  4. A good source of fiber
  5. They contain many vitamins and minerals – Vitamin A, Biotin, Vitamin K1, Potassium, and Vitamin B6.

Carrots are the unsung heroes of the vegetable family. Be sure to add more of these orange delights to your diet – your body will thank you!

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