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Running around at school for a full day will make any kid hungry and these kid-approved, cool after-school snacks are perfect for even the pickiest eaters. Here is a list of easy, after school snacks that will encourage your little ones to make it to dinner without nagging. For all these recipes we encourage your kids to help you in the kitchen! Enjoy! 


Mini zucchini muffins 

Zucchini muffins are the perfect bite-sized treats for a healthy breakfast or an afternoon snack. Plus, they have loads of zucchini in them so you can feel confident that your kids are getting their daily serving of vegetables. You can put some extra cheese on top if your child doesn’t like the look of green but it’s best to mix the cheese into the mixture.  


Strawberry-banana ice pops 

Strawberry-banana ice pops are a great and healthy snack for any time of the day – breakfast, afternoon or before dinner. Simply blend together orange juice, strawberries, and bananas. Pour the mixture into popsicle moulds (or ice cube trays) then freeze for 6 hours. You can also try other fruit combinations for a variety of yummy and refreshing flavours. 


Carrot and raisin muffins 

These are some yummy muffins that are pretty to look at, and super tasty to munch on! Carrot gives these muffins a beautiful hue and makes for an irresistible mouthful, while the juicy raisins are amazing to bite into. Tip: Adding whole wheat flour and bran to the batter gives the muffins a wonderful texture. 


Apple cinnamon muffins 

The apple cinnamon muffin is a delicious classic! The fruity aroma of apples and the delicate smell of cinnamon fill the entire house with their magic even as this muffin bakes! Indeed, you and your kids will find it difficult to wait for these babies to bake! Tip: These are also a great morning snack when you’re on the go. 


Almond and banana smoothie 

When you don’t have time for a cooked breakfast, whip up a hearty almond and banana smoothie for an instant energy kick! You can also try other smoothies like strawberry, blueberry and more! Tip: Smoothies can be made even easier if you buy frozen fruit pouches.   


Baked apple chips 

Budget-friendly and insanely delicious, homemade baked apple chips are a healthy and all-natural snack you can feel good about. Red, pink lady and granny smith apples are perfect to use because of their crisp, sweet flavour, but you can experiment with different apple varieties. Slices of apple are baked in the oven for two hours then let cool to crisp up. Tip: They are perfect for school lunches or a light and healthy evening snack. 


Kale chips 

Craving the crunchy and salty taste of potato chips but trying to eat healthier? Try making delicious kale chips that are packed full of health benefits. All it takes is a fresh bunch of leafy kale and simple ingredients you already have on hand. Our favourite seasonings include garlic, paprika, and orange peel. You can’t go wrong with these savoury and healthy chips! 


Homemade granola balls 

Granola balls are little balls of happiness that taste almost like a cookie, making them the perfect snack for school lunches. They are packed with healthy ingredients like quick oats, creamy peanut butter, ground flaxseed, and honey.  


Chickpea poppers  

One of the most popular snack recipes is Chickpea Poppers. Give your kids the same crunch as potato chips, but with much less fat! Chickpeas are seasoned with olive oil and coarse salt and then toasted in the oven. Chickpea Poppers are high in fibre, full of protein, and totally delicious.  


Mini pizzas 

Kids love pita bread pizzas! Just set up mini pitas, sauce, and your toppings buffet-style, and allow your kids’ imagination to take over. All you have to do is bake the end product and you will have a fun and creative after school snack. Tip: Mini pizzas (or large pizzas) are perfect for sleepovers, Friday night movies, or just whenever your kids need a quick pick-me-up in under 20 minutes. You can keep the pita handy in the freezer too! 


Homemade hummus and pita 

Homemade hummus dip is a protein-rich dip which makes a great alternative to peanut butter. Use pita bread triangles or vegetables for dipping. Tip: Make as much as you want and take it to work! You can even warm up the pita in the oven for a warmer Winter snack. 

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