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There’s no denying that fruit and vegetables are an essential in our diet thanks to the many vitamins and minerals they offer. However, if you’re parent you’ll know that sometimes getting our little ones to reap the benefits of fruit and veg can be challenge.

Luckily, there are so many ways you can make fresh produce fun to prep, cook and eat! Whether it’s making animal shapes, involving them in the process of shopping, prep and cooking, or coming up with fun names for their favourite meals, there are so many ways to make fruit and veg fun!

Here are a few of our top tips for making fruit and veg fun so our kids can be healthy and grow, learn and play the best they can!


Get crafty with shapes!

Shapes are a great way to make eating a more tactile experience for children and engage them in the eating process! Integrating shapes into your child’s food is one of the easiest ways to mix things up, whether it’s making a lion out of a pancake, putting animal faces on healthy toast toppers, or simply cutting shapes into their favourite fruits such as watermelon or apple. A fun way to use fruit cut outs is to spell out your child’s name like we have for these healthy fruit kebabs!

Rename classic favourites with fun names

No matter what the meal is, there’s sure to be a fun name for our kid’s food that makes it even more exciting to eat! Ants on a log, are a great example of a healthy snack with a fun name that remains a firm favourite for households everywhere! Get the kids involved in making these, so they can enjoy them after school, over the weekend or to take with them on a picnic adventure!

Encourage them to be involved

Kids love to be hands-on, so why not get them to join in next time you’re out shopping or prepping their food? You can get your little one to help with prep, whether it’s washing and mixing the food or even cutting up veggies with a plastic knife if they aren’t old enough for the real thing! This is a fun way to also educate them on all the different produce out there and the many benefits of fresh fruit and veg.

Create healthier versions of their favourite foods

Get your kids interested in eating healthy foods by creating healthier versions of their favourite foods such as fruit pizza and apple donuts! Top pizza with many colourful fruits from your local fruit and veg shop that kids big and small will love! For apple donuts, simply core and slice apples, then top with a range of coloured icing and toppings of your choice. Our tip? The more colourful, the better! This a great afternoon snack or weekend treat.


Ready to make food fun for your kids? Head into your local A Better Choice retailer today and get creative!

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