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When it comes to events, healthy eating often goes out the window. Especially when it comes to events for kids, as they tend to favour junk food over the healthy stuff! Never fear, we’ve come up with some ideas that’ll satisfy their sweet tooth but are still healthy!

Savoury Snacks

Make your own puff pastry creations! Fill them with finely chopped veg and salt and pepper, or make mini pizzas with some homemade sauce! The kids won’t know the difference, and they won’t miss the store-bought party pies!

A ‘make your own biscuit’ station is always a tonne of fun. Lay out some vita-weats or whatever other bikkies you like, and set up a station with an array of different toppings. Add in some dips and spreads, as well as an array of veggies (tomatoes, olives, cucumbers, pickles, radish slices) and let the kids make their crackers their way!

Sandwiches are always a great party snack. They’re substantial, and super easy to make in bulk. Fill them with veggies and your choice of protein and you’ve got yourself a filling, tasty snack!


Fruit skewers are always a hit! Stack them with your favourite fruits (and even add some marshmallows if you’re feeling like a little extra treat) and you’ve got yourself an easy, fresh snack!

Melt some chocolate and dip your favourite fruits into it! To cover all your bases, make the choc dark, and it’s still a healthy snack!

If you’re wanting to be a little creative, you can make little vegetable critters! Cut a stalk of celery into bits, fill with your favourite dip/spread (we recommend peanut butter, hummus or cream cheese) and then dot some cherry tomatoes or blueberries along the back. You’ve got yourself a cute fruit and veg caterpillar that your kids will love!


Fruit infused sparkling water is the healthier option (and much prettier) equivalent to soft drink. It’ll give the kids a sugar kick, but still be healthy – win win!

Blend up some smoothies! The best way to give your kids all their fruit and veg for the day is in a tasty drink – they won’t even know!

Hopefully these little healthy food hacks will help your party stay healthy, but still super tasty!

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