A Better Choice For Freshness

Being conscious about one’s environmental footprint is important, and something you can start from home. Whether it be always remembering your reusable bags when shopping, or using containers instead of cling wrap over leftovers, we’re all doing our bit. We have composed a list of plastic-free storage solutions that you can incorporate at home, and do your bit for the planet!

  1. Glass Jars

You’d be surprised by how many jars you would have in the kitchen right now. Pasta sauces, coffee, pickles – jars aplenty! They’re a great storage solution for pastas and rice, while also being great for food portioning because of their varying sizes.

  1. Silicone Lids

These fabulous inventions are airtight seals that cover bowls/pots/pans/plates and are the perfect way to cover your leftovers without dirtying another container or bowl!

  1. Beeswax Wraps

These wraps are obviously made from beeswax, which makes the cloth rigid, so they’re perfect for covering bowls and wrapping up sandwiches or snacks. They’re great because you can even make them yourself at home and use fun colours and prints – whatever you might fancy! Use them to cover your wraps for lunch at work – they’re transport friendly!

  1. Containers – of course!

In the hope of continuing the plastic free trend, there are some great glass containers on the market that are super accessible from your homeware department stores. They come in a range of sizes, meaning you’ll have a container for any situation.

We hope these four ideas will help you on your journey to being more environmentally conscious this year! Every little bit counts!

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