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The purple superstar, also known as aubergine, the eggplant is originally native to India, but have since found their way into multiple cuisines. While actually being a fruit, eggplants are more often considered to be a vegetable! There are many ways you can enjoy eggplants in your meals, and also experience several health benefits when consuming them regularly.   

Read on to find out the benefits of eggplants as well as the best ways to consume them.  

Good for bones 

Eating enough eggplant can promote better bone health, which can reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Eggplants also contain a significant amount of iron and calcium, which are key minerals in supporting the health and strength of our bones. So, load up on your eggplant this week to improve your bone health!  

Improve memory 

Eggplant is filled with an antioxidant called nasunin, which protects brain cell membranes and assists with the transportation of nutrients through the body. Nasunin has also been proven to prevent neuroinflammation and increase blood flow, which is linked to improving memory. Next time you forget something, maybe it’s time for more eggplant!  

Lower blood pressure 

The purple-coloured skin of the eggplant is a vital part for our health. It’s good for your health as it contains anthocyanin, which is linked to reducing people’s blood pressure. This in turn helps to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.  

Aid digestion 

Fibre is essential for intestinal health and helping with regular bowel movement. Eggplant is an excellent source of fibre, so the next time you’re feeling a bit stuck perhaps it’s time to grill some eggplant for lunch!  

How to eat eggplant? 

You can pan fry it, by slicing the eggplant into strips or rounds and coating them in breadcrumbs for a crunchy finish. They can be mashed into a baba ganoush, by scooping out the flesh of roasted eggplant and mashing it into a puree. Another delicious way to enjoy eggplant is to roast it, with a few drops of olive oil and salt. Eggplant can be enjoyed in curries and also pasta! 

Need some inspiration? Try our Roasted Eggplant with Zucchini Salad and Tahini Yoghurt – yum! 


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