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If you’re anything like us, potatoes are somewhat of a guilty pleasure. We know they’re bit simple and plain, but we feel like that’s also the beauty of them! We kind of love it. Whether it’s in a classic mash, or a delicate gnocchi, the potato certainly takes the versatility prize in the kitchen. One of the keys to this versatility is actually just how many niche varieties there are available at your local grocer.

Here’s our crash-course guide to the essential spuds to cook all your favourite potato dishes!

ROYAL BLUE – The All Rounder

If there’s one potato you have to cook for the rest of your life, make it the Royal Blue. It’s the potato equivalent of your trusty woolly jumper. The classic purple skin-yellow flesh combo makes this spud instantly recognisable. Whether you’re mashin’, roastin’, or fryin’, the Royal Blue will make sure you definitely don’t get it wrong. If you’re overwhelmed by choice, the trusty old Royal will not let you down.

TOOLANGI DELIGHT – Gnocchi Specialist

If you’re trying to impress Nonna, you’ve got a long road ahead of you. But we’ll give you a leg up: get yourself a healthy helping of Toolangi Delights and see if you can borrow her gnocchi recipe. These Aussie born potatoes are certainly your best shot at knockin’ Nonna’s gnocchi socks off. If you have a less critical audience, then you can rest easy that your table guests will be more than impressed with your ability to blend potato and pasta (the secret is choosing the right potato!).

KING EDWARD – Mash Royalty

Mash may seem dull to some, although when done properly, others consider it delectable. Sure, you can throw in plenty of butter, add garlic and whatever you’d like to make a creamy, fluffy mash. But, all those efforts are futile if you don’t begin with the King Edward. This potato’s starchy texture leaves you with an amazing consistency once mashed.

PATRONE – ‘Tater Salad

Pale gold skin and flesh set this potato apart from the crowd. Slice a Patrone open, and you’ll know you’re dealing with something special. Starchy potatoes are perfect for a creamy mash, but the waxy nature of the Patrone makes it THE potato salad potato. It loves to hold its shape after cooking, and its subtle flavour will be complemented by the rest of the salad cast.

COLIBAN – Fries on the side

Somewhere between starchy and waxy potatoes lie a handful of unique, but essential spuds. These can be described as floury, and the flouriest of them all is the Aussie Coliban. The Coliban is the finest selection for the crowd favourite French Fry. Some would argue here is where potatoes get their most exciting; potatoes reach peak potato when served as French Fries. Roast potatoes are nice and crispy, mash is beautifully creamy, but you cannot beat fries!

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