A Better Choice For Freshness

Everyone has their own reasons for buying local produce – for some, it’s supporting the local community, or reducing their environmental footprint on the planet. The price you pay is exactly what you get when it comes to fresh produce, and it’s important to know the additional benefits you’re paying for.

Those who suffer digestive issues or intolerance to added preservatives to fruit and vegetables will benefit from locally grown produce. Ethylene, abscisin and ascorbic acid are all common additives to produce to encourage the fruit and vegetable to maintain a longer shelf life. Local farmers are known to eliminate the chemical added process to encourage higher seasonal turnover of produce and supply better quality produce which is safer to consume.

If you’ve ever wondered why you’ve seen a mango in your local supermarket during the middle of winter, you would be correct in thinking there are added chemicals to preserve shelf life. Local fruit and vegetable stores source seasonal supply from farmers in the area which is the best way to know your produce is as fresh as possible. An added bonus for seasonal supply of produce is that most local grocers will lower prices due to seasonal demand for the product which is easier on the wallet and healthier for your immune system.

Next time you’re shopping for fresh produce, head into your local independent retailer for A Better Choice for your health, family and community.

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