20 mins
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It’s Beef Fajita night tonight! Feast your eyes on that glorious capsicum medley, fresh avocado and mouth watering beef. With all the fruit and veg essentials from your local fruit and veg shop – why not whip up some fajitas for the family


  1. In a small bowl, combine the minced garlic, chilli flakes and olive oil. Cover your beef strips in this marinade, before cooking in a hot frypan. Set aside your beef strips once cooked.
  2. Reusing the same pan, add the three capsicums and brown and cook until soft. Set aside.
  3. Lastly, wipe out the pan, then reuse to lightly toast your wraps.
  4. Assemble a wrap with the beef, capsicums, avocado, coriander, and plenty of fresh lime juice.

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