20 mins
6 - 8
All Year

Lamb koftas + coleslaw + pita bread = a match made in heaven! You’ll want to try our new Lamb Koftas recipe – it’s a winner! They’re great for dinner and equally delicious as an appetizer or as a lunch!


  1. In a large bowl combine the lamb mince with all of the other Kofta ingredients.
  2. With your BBQ-safe skewers ready, use your hands to form sausage shaped koftas, flattening them slightly to create a long disc shape. Repeat until you’ve formed 6-8 koftas on a plate.
  3. Heat your BBQ, and begin to cook koftas on one side until brown, then flip.
  4. To serve, layer some of your shredded cabbage and carrot, with a kofta, fresh tzatziki, a lemon wedge and some coriander.
  5. Wrap up and enjoy!

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