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Whether cut up into quarters after a football match, freshly squeezed into juice or cut into a salad, oranges are such a versatile and delicious fruit to be enjoyed all year around. Apart from being high in fiber, potassium, and choline, oranges are known as a delicious source of Vitamin C.  

In order to discuss even more benefits and history of this fruit, we wanted to share with you 10 fun facts you probably didn’t know about oranges.  

  1. Orange Trees were first grown in China 
  2. In order to get the same amount of fibre as you would from a medium orange, you’ll need to eat 7 cups of Cornflakes 
  3. The orange production capital in the world is Brazil 
  4. Some types of oranges will remain green even after ripening.  
  5. Orange peel can be reused to remove grease, oil spots and orange tea.  
  6. Oranges are around 10 thousand times more acidic than the pH of our blood. Less than lemon juice and more than tomato juice 
  7. In terms of the history of colours, it’s only recently that the colour orange got its own name. Surprisingly, the fruit came first, originating in China, and the English word ‘orange’ to describe the colour, followed thereafter.
  8. There are now over 600 varieties of oranges worldwide 
  9. Oranges originates around 4000 BC in Southeast Asia, and then spread into India  
  10. The flowers of an orange tree are white in colour and have a wonderful fragrance

You can find out more about oranges at your local green grocer, or through A Better Choice’s website    

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