Chocolate Chilli Pumpkin Stew with Chickpeas

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Stop. Close your eyes.

Now, think of winter. Yes, the season that brings the cold weather, the nights by the fireplace, and ski season. Think of what you see, smell, and taste during that time. What do you crave? Are you all about the homemade soups and stews? Do you want apple, sweet potatoes, beets, broccoli or squash just a little bit more? What helps warm you up as the weather turns colder and colder?

You may have your own favorite recipes from childhood associated with the season, and that’s absolutely natural. We find comfort in the foods and drinks that bring routine to our lives as they constantly change around us. Plus, what’s better than constantly looking forward to something you only get to have once a year?

As you looking to put new recipes on your own family’s tables this winter, there’s one in particularly that we suspect might just help you be creative with produce. In fact, we smell a new winter favorite coming your way. If you feel like you’re running out of inspirational ideas for winter dinners, then get ready to mix it up in the kitchen! Chocolate Chilli Pumpkin Stew with Chickpeas is a crowd pleaser that’ll take you all the way through winter!

Chocolate Chilli Pumpkin Stew with ChickpeasA variety of flavours, extra hearty

While this Chocolate Chilli Pumpkin Stew with Chickpeas recipe is a mouthful to say, you’ll be more than thrilled when it’s just as much of a mouthful when you take a bite. You’ll be combining flavours like dark chocolate, chilli powder, and cinnamon to keep the pumpkin interesting. And let’s just say it’ll be anything but ordinary. Additionally, you’ll never have to worry about being hungry because of the protein and fibre provided by the chickpeas. Served over rice or quinoa, you’ll have a meal that will keep you going until breakfast the next morning.

We love this recipe for diversity of flavours and versatility. Not a fan of pumpkin? Don’t worry – there are plenty of winter vegetables that can keep you in the seasonal spirit. Acorn, butternut, and squash are easily substituted in this recipe, so you can always swap in another seasonal vegetable if you’re not a pumpkin-lover. You can also take the heat down a notch if you reduce the chilli powder. This is a great way to make it a little bit more geared towards kids if need be.

Inspirational ideas equal maximum deliciousness

The best way to keep your family full and happy is to shop locally for quality ingredients that grow nearby. These are the ingredients that will provide maximum freshness and flavour. Make memories for your kids with inspirational ideas in the kitchen and seasonal deliciousness!

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