Deconstructed Apple Pie - Easter 2019

A Better Choice For Freshness

In just a few weeks, we will be coming together with our families to celebrate the holiest day in the Christian calendar. Easter is a time for celebration; it’s a time to come together and reconnect, over our favourite treats, meals, and of course, desserts.

If you’re in charge of making this Easter feast, we are challenging you to consider the health benefits and community support that comes from cooking with local fruits and veggies this year. Right here in our Australian backyard, there are providers that work within a network to deliver all-natural produce, harvested right from our soil.

The Feature Fruit of the Week

As we head into our autumn season, the hero product to feature in your Easter dessert through our A Better Choice initiative is none other than: apples.

In order to save you Easter prep time, we went ahead and created the perfect local apple-based dessert for you to share with your family.

Easy Deconstructed Apple Pie Cups

Deconstructed Apple Pie - Easter 2019Why settle for a boring apple pie when you can take it to the next level, dividing your delectable dessert into servable cups? Not to mention, focusing a dessert on a fruit as opposed to the artificial sugars, dyes, and butters in chocolate is better for you and your family. This festive dessert features seasonal apples that are simmered to perfection, with whole wheat pastry crumbs, and vanilla yogurt to top it all off.

For a garnish, drop in a pair of pastry bunny ears to really get your kids happy and filled with Easter excitement. In just 30-minutes, you will have created a visually appealing dessert that draws on local Australian produce. Plus, because the pastry is going to be broken into pieces, there is no need for you to be a master pastry chef! It’s a low-stress preparation process that you are actually going to enjoy.

Why Opt for a Healthier Easter Dessert?

As of 2016, 63% of the Australian population was considered overweight or obese. This is mainly due to processed foods filled with chemicals, antibiotics, and other dyes that our bodies metabolize as fat. We knew there had to be a better way, one that lifted up the local growers in our region.

Today, we manage a network of locally grown veggies and fruits that come from growers, into the Central Wholesale Market, and then through distribution under Local Independent Retailers. The result is a more lucrative Australian produce network, more profitability inserted back into your own communities, and a healthier diet for you and your family.

Believe it or not, that starts with something as simple as an all-natural apple-based dessert. Why not make the commitment with your family on this Easter holiday?

Enjoy our attached recipe, and send us finished photos when you present the treats to your family on the special day!


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