A Better Choice For Freshness

When you’re travelling in the Summer, it’s important to have foods that can last in the hot weather. They also need to be quite fresh and light, whilst keeping you full for longer, and of course hydrated! Sounds like an impossible task, but we have the best snacks to keep you going during your next Summer outing.

1. Nuts
Nuts are great because they are able to be kept in the heat for hours and they don’t lose any freshness. They’re also good because they keep you nice and full.

2. Fruit
Although these might need to be kept in an Esky, there is nothing better than fresh fruit on a hot day. Think pineapple, watermelon, and orange slices. It will keep you hydrated and give you hit of sweetness during the heat.

3. Granola
Granola is super healthy and contains an abundance of healthy ingredients! Rolled oats, almonds, chia seeds and a handful of other bits and pieces, make this a great little snack when travelling.

4. Almond butter sandwiches
When you’re wanting something a little bit more fulfilling, try a sandwich (on whole grain bread of course!) and some almond butter. Try adding some sliced banana if you’re feeling extra hungry.

5. Sliced cucumber
This healthy snack is the best alternative to chips and crackers. You still get the crunchiness of the chips, but the freshness of the cucumber. Cucumber is also packed with water, so your daily dose of H2o will be met!

We hope you enjoy the next month or so of Summer. Remember to eat well and stay hydrated!

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