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A Better Choice For Freshness

Life’s all about celebrating the little victories. What are the simple ways that we can help one another improve each other’s lives? How can we reduce our environmental footprint? What will make your community happier and healthier? These are the reasons that Keep Australia Beautiful Week exists. It relies on the mentality that each and every Australian – young and old – can be doing something more to better the place that we all live.

In honour of Keep Australia Beautiful Week, we’re bringing you yet another fresh produce recipe that can help you serve your community by shopping locally. A Better Choice is all about quality and freshness, and that those types of choices are what help to keep this planet beautiful with your everyday choices!

Keep Australia Beautiful WeekNothing but fruit and veggies – Easy Silverbeet Wraps with Peanut Sauce

These Easy Silverbeet Wraps with Peanut Sauce are one of our most deliciously vibrant recipes. You can make these wraps with collard leaves, kale or savoy cabbage. Whatever you have available locally is what you should use to make this simple dish. It’s a nutritious way to incorporate seasonal vegetables into your diet and the peanut sauce ensures that you keep it interesting.

One of our favorite things about this recipe is that it’s suitable for everyone in the community. The wraps are vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, and dairy-free, which means they’re an easy way to get nutrients and create a healthy diet even as you navigate dietary restrictions. If you’re vegan or nut-free, just swap out the peanut sauce for something more to your preference and this will be a great dish for your weekly routine.

Building a colourful plate is often thought of as an ideal way to get vitamins and nutrients that you wouldn’t get otherwise integrate into your diet. By skipping the bread option that you’d typically use to wrap the veggies in this recipe, you’re getting a beautifully colourful option in the collard, chard, kale or savoy cabbage that you select (entirely up to your preference!).

The best way to participate in Keep Australia Beautiful Week

Wondering how else you can take part in Keep Australia Beautiful Week? Eating locally is one way to take part, but here are some other ideas!

  • Organize a neighbourhood clean-up that helps get the excess litter off the streets
  • Reduce your personal waste by rethinking single-use items in your home
  • Follow and share the official Keep Australia Beautiful Week Facebook and Instagram posts with your community so they can become better informed on how they can get involved as well

Keep Australia Beautiful WeekKeep Australia Beautiful Week is the perfect opportunity to try out a new recipe and invest in your local community (more than you already do!). Don’t delay – get out and get active in cleaning up and investing in the beautiful place you call home.

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